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— Never have to sell again!

Does whether you want to sell something or help your customer buy something matter to you? If so, what difference does it make?

Advisor or salesperson?

It is often said that advisors “just” give advice and salespeople then close the deal. Is this true? People who have the attitude of a salesperson want to sell their products or services to the customer. As a consequence, they are looking for a “victim” whom they can persuade to buy anything. Anyone in sales is familiar with these victim lists, i.e. ideal- or target-customer lists. In the sales conversation, the salesperson then uses specific, goal-oriented arguments to try to persuade the customer to part with their money. The salesperson does almost all the talking. If the customer buys what the salesperson is selling, the salesperson’s goal has been achieved; if they don’t, the salesperson will simply move on to the next customer.

However, many people with “salesperson” as their job title are great advisors. A good advisor asks lots questions and listens. They take an honest interest in the customer and want to understand them. In such situations, the customer will be inclined to talk, because they feel the interest and feel they are being taken seriously. The advisor’s aim is not to sell, but help the customer buy! Closing a deal is not the main goal; it’s a logical consequence. And the customer can only fulfil their needs by buying, so both the buyer and the salesperson are equally successful!

This comparison shows that a person’s inner attitude makes all the difference. It’s easy to check whether you are more of an advisor or a salesperson: Just ask yourself the following questions:

During the conversation: Am I interested in my customer’s opinion or do their objections and excuses annoy me?

After the conversation: How much more do I know about my customer after the conversation compared to before the conversation?

For more information, you can read the book “IRRE® Negotiation”, or attend the seminar.