Angelika Schulz-Fuss has been working as a coach for over 20 years. The IRRE® model has been successfully implemented in management, key account management and strategic purchasing thousands of times.    More…

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The IRRE® book is a tried-and-tested guide that will enable you to negotiate successfully both in your professional life and your private life. It is clear and compact, and includes lots of suggestions, examples, tips and checklists.    More…


IRRE® negotiation coaching offers you the certainty of knowing you are excellently prepared for your negotiations. You are confident, feel good and go into your negotiations with enthusiasm.   More…


From the introductory lecture to the interactive workshop, the components of the “IRRE® model” are short, concise and snappy. They provide ideas that can be implemented immediately, unexpected approaches and are simply different to anything else you’ll have tried before.  More…

The IRRE® model

The IRRE® model was developed by Angelika Schulz-Fuss. She studied in Canada under the tutelage of Glen Whyte, PhD, one of North America’s most respected professional negotiators, and learnt the art of professional negotiation based on the Harvard model.

In the IRRE® model, she combines professionally learnt negotiation skills with her expertise in systemic, neurosystemic and hypnosystemic contexts, thereby creating a practical model that’s effective and easy to understand. She has been teaching this model to individuals in management, purchasing, sales, project management and other areas for 20 years now.

The name “IRRE®” is derived from the first letters of the four main influencing factors that determine whether you’re going to experience success or defeat in a negotiation:

Intellect – Result – Relationship – Emotion.

How does it work?
Two ways you can learn about how it works are seeing it being used in practical situations in our IRRE® training courses and reading about it in the IRRE® book!