IRRE® coaching

IRRE® negotiation coaching

IRRE® negotiation coaching offers you the certainty of knowing you are excellently prepared for your negotiations. You are confident, feel good and go into your negotiations with enthusiasm.

When is negotiation coaching useful?

  • In any negotiation situation in your professional or private life where a lot is at stake and you want professional support (buyers’ and key account managers’ annual meetings, conflict situations in which attitudes have hardened, salary negotiations, house buying, etc.).,
  • When used as individualised expert training to help you to become more and more professional over time.
  • When preparing for negotiations.
  • When analysing and reflecting on negotiations.


for complex negotiation situations, negotiations with far-reaching consequences and negotiations with difficult negotiating parties.

In our negotiation coaching, we work on the following areas, as well as a number of others:

Intellectual preparation

Solution options, creating benefits, negotiation strategy and tactics, questioning technique, etc.

Organisational preparation

Scripts and the dramaturgical aspects of your negotiations

Emotional preparation

Willingness to find solutions and your attitudes, assessments and interaction with body language

Body language

How can I strengthen various aspects of myself, including my appearance, my voice, my posture, etc.?


Analyse success factors and stumbling blocks and look at what you can learn for next time.
Think about impacts, establish what you could change and decide how you are going to proceed moving forward.
This process will ensure you are perfectly prepared for your next negotiation!

Interested in individualised coaching?

Systemic coaching

Have you experienced situations in which you have tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING has changed? Things just won’t and don’t want to get better.

In systemic coaching, we assume that everyone has the solution to their problems within themselves. These solutions are often not accessible in the problem situation, however.

The coach helps to develop new ways of thinking and new approaches to solutions by asking questions with the support of appropriate coaching tools.

The solution must suit you, not the coach!

You are the expert in your problem situation, the coach is the expert in the solution process! Only you know all the details, the background, the hidden benefits of the situation, etc., and only you can feel what the most suitable solution for you is!

If you feel that systemic coaching is exactly what you need, we look forward to hearing from you.